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  Revised 10-02-07

Superfund Site Meetings


There was little progress to report about our four Superfund Sites in Glynn County during 2006.  In contrast, public meetings were held in 2007 as work started at the Brunswick Wood Preserving and LCP Chemicals Superfund Sites. 

Already Held Meetings:

April 5, 2007,  6-8 PM  - Brunswick Wood Preserving - This EPA meeting was held to let our community know what to expect as work is started to contain the Site.  Problems the GEC expected to be resolved are the ongoing release of chemicals to Burnett Creek, flooding of neighborhoods next to the Site, installation of a 60-foot underground wall to contain over a million cubic yards of toxic waste, and a cap on top to prevent rainwater from entering the containment areas.  We were very disappointed by the sparseness of provided information; even the work plan, which was apparently approved in March, was not available for review.  Nor could the EPA answer most of our questions.

Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2007 - LCP Chemicals Superfund Site -
                   Mercury/Caustic Brine Pool
The EPA held a Public Informational Meeting on
Tuesday, September 11, 2007, 2-4 PM and 6-8 PM at the Richard Perry Gym, Selden Park, concerning the Mercury/Caustic Brine Pool that is leaking into a drinking water aquifer.  The removal action was scheduled to begin on Sept. 17th.

      Note: an anticipated Public Hearing about the proposed plan and legal agreement, called a Record of Decision, for the upland soils, may be delayed for a year.  When it happens, this will be a very important meeting since the EPA will be taking comments from our community about the proposed plan and then produce a legal agreement stating what work will be done to return the Site to productive use.



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