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Created 7-30-08


  By Jennifer Waters & Shasta Fahs

Hi all!

We know that our reports are not as frequent as they might be, but know that we are working like mules to see a real comprehensive recycling program happen for our community.
So many super things are happening. They all don't get to happen at once, but they are certainly happening. It is incredibly exciting to be a part of this initiative!


Here goes:

A lot of people are still hurt and saddened by being lied to years ago when the recycling was going to the landfill (we are among those)...but we promise you, we have done the research and please help us pass the good news...GLYNN COUNTY IS RECYCLING! Hooray! Hear it: GLYNN COUNTY IS RECYCLING!

We also have GREAT NEWS for everyone who wants to recycle all of your film plastics! Film plastics are all your thin plastics like bread bags, dry cleaner bags, newspaper bags, ziplock bags, shrink wrap, bubble wrap, etc. You can bring them to Harris Teeter and put them with your grocery store bags.  Harris Teeter sells to a company called TREX that makes it into decking materials such as boardwalks and benches. We encourage everyone to use their own bags for grocery shopping, but it is wonderful to know where to bring all our film plastic in Glynn County. We are encouraging the other local grocery stores to do the same. We will let you know....


We just got word that there was a record breaking month of recycling bin requests!   150 new accounts in Glynn Co. in one month!  That is the biggest increase in recycling interest since the program has begun.  I know.... We cried....Jen considered dancing on the table.

We are thrilled that the word and emails have been passed around and people are calling and making it happen. Hats off to those of you who are recycling and those of you who called for a bin. Yahoo!

If you still need a bin for curbside recycling or know someone that needs one, please call or have them call the county at 554-7111.  Remember, you are already paying for it in your taxes!

So call 554-7111 or register online:

Too easy.  Do it now.

Recyclable Items which are accepted:
.....- #1 and #2 Plastic Bottles and Jugs
.....- Aluminum
.....- Newspaper
.....- Junk Mail
.....- copy paper
.....- Magazines
.....- Corrugated Cardboard - cut to 3 foot X 3 foot pieces

NOTE: you can put your junk mail, magazines and newspaper in grocery bags, plastic or paper, to keep them from blowing away - a problem that has been brought to our attention.

We are excited about the things we have been learning as we research creative ways to have an award winning recycling program for our community. Our goals remain clear: the opportunity for curbside pick up for the county and city, recycling everything we can, including glass and tin, and educating the public on the GOOD NEWS! We will keep you posted.

As always, PASS THE WORD! Amazing things are happening because of the support of people like YOU! Let's keep making a difference. Pass on the good news, pass on the good news, pass on the good news.....

We have been researching ways to add to the list above. We hope to have great news for you soon, including bins for offices, stores, and public places. We have BIG dreams. We think the amazing amounts of calls for bins has everyone feeling that we want to have a greener Glynn! LOVE IT!

*Remember, if you live in the city of Brunswick or if you have an office or store, you are not eligible for curbside recycling services (at this time...we are working on that!), but we encourage you to take advantage of the drop off sites located at:

.....* Old City Hall (between old City Hall and the Brunswick Police Dept) on Grant St.
.....* Brunswick Fire Dept (on Gloucester St.)
.....* Howard Coffin Park (beginning of walking trail on Lanier Blvd.)
.....* Cardboard drop-off behind the public library, also on Grant St.

If you are in a condo or apt, the “condo/apt. association contact person” will need to call Southland Waste to request a commercial recycling bin or roll-off container. Call Patty Godwin’s cell at 577-1910 about this. Southland’s number is 267-6400.

If you run into any bumps in the road, please let us know so we can help you.

PLEASE PASS THIS ON! We have seen the magic!

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