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  created 5-31-08  

Glynn County IS Recycling


   The number of people calling the GEC seeking ways to recycle has been steadily increasing and citizens are organizing in an effort to bring world-class recycling to Glynn County.  Thank you to members Jennifer Waters and Shasta Fahs for the following update on their effort to determine if picked up recyclables were actually being recycled, and where to take recyclables currently not on the curbside recycling list.




   Great news! We have found that our county DOES indeed recycle!  The ways to do it are still a little tricky, but here is where and how you can.  

   ST. SIMONS ISLAND/GLYNN COUNTY: St. Simons Island has weekly recycling curbside pick-up. Southland Waste takes it to Coastal Disposal in Brunswick for recycling. Pick-up includes  plastics #1 and #2, newspaper, magazines, cardboard, aluminum cans, and junk mail. If you live on the island and want to recycle plastics #3-6, PET (drinking bottles), HDPE (detergent boxes, milk jugs, etc), and/or large hard plastics (large toys, trash cans, etc.), you can bring them to Coastal Disposal in Brunswick or one of the drop-off recycling igloos in Brunswick. If you live on the island and are in a condo or apartment complex that doesn’t recycle, we encourage you to either begin a recycling program in your complex, bring your recycling to one of the Brunswick recycling igloo drop-off sites, or bring it directly to Coastal Disposal.  

   BRUNSWICK: Brunswick does not have curbside pick-up, but there are three recycling igloo locations in town. One is located by the fire station on Gloucester, another at Howard Coffman Park, and another next to the Brunswick Police Dept. These items are taken by the City of Brunswick to Coastal Disposal. The recycling igloos recycle ALL plastics #1-6, PET (drinking bottles), HDPE (detergent boxes, milk jugs, etc), and large hard plastics (large toys, trash cans, etc), newspaper, magazines, and aluminum cans.  Cardboard recycling is located behind the library in Brunswick on Gloucester.

    So, the good news is, we ARE recycling. Our vision is to have curbside pick-up available for everyone along with even more items on the recycling list. We are currently setting goals and dreaming big to have a meaningful and user friendly recycling program in this county. We hope to see our recycling expand and grow for future generations. If you are interested in joining our efforts, feel free to contact one of us: 

Jennifer Waters -

Shasta Fahs -


  June 2008 recycling report

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