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The Altamaha River



Teachers Notes

Photo Gallery of Various Mussels


Pollution, by definition, is the addition of substances into the environment that harm living things and damage water quality. The substances that have a harmful effect are pollutants. Pollution not only threatens the well being of other living things but also endangers human health as well.

Sources of pollution that can be traced to an identifiable single source are call point source pollution and include pollution from industrial sites, sewage treatment plants, hydroelectric plants, and factories. Although point source pollution can be devastating, it is usually localized pollution and can be located and cleaned up fairly quickly.

Nonpoint source pollution, or “people pollution” is another story. Nonpoint source pollution is the Nation's leading source of surface and groundwater pollution and cannot be traced to a specific point. but comes from many individual places.

"Mussels of the Altamaha River" is a course designed to teach ecological relationships and habitat use patterns using the mussels of the Altamaha River to show the interdependence of species for reproduction, transportation, and food. Objectives include discussion of the interdependence of all life within a watershed.
Produced under a grant by Georgia DNR Non Game Wildlife Programs by the Glynn Environmental Coalition.

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