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    This year's CoastFest on October 7th was a great opportunity for the GEC to judge how well our Contaminated Seafood Awareness project is doing.  Many who came by the GEC booth commented that they no longer fished in the advisory areas, or moved to other areas to catch fish that they took home to eat.  There were people who were unaware of the seafood consumption advisories in Turtle River and its tributaries who took great interest in where the advisories are located.  Many questions were asked about where to go to catch seafood for consumption. 
Click below for a PDF copy of the updated 2006 FULL COLOR FLYER which we gave out at CoastFest:
English version Spanish version



   While parents discussed seafood, little hands and fingers explored Altamaha River mussel shells that were around the display.  It was an opportunity to explain how the mussels share the river, with some living in muddy areas while others live in sand.  It was amazing how well young children could understand the relationship and dependency of mussels on fish during their life cycle.  Without ever mentioning the word "ecology", many children left knowing the connection between the life cycle of mussels and fish, and can now answer the question, "How do mussels swim up stream?"  (For the adults out there, they hitch a ride on fish early in their life cycle.)  For our complete online mussels tutorial, click here.



        The GEC "Buy Dry" poster evoked a wide range of reactions.  Some looked in shock at the flooded home, others laughed, and some recounted their own experiences.  Flooding of established residential areas as well as new developments is increasing rapidly.  For more on this campaign visit

We want to thank all the volunteers who came out to help staff our table.  It was a great day for all.


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