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updated 7-31-08

Recent (and earlier) News

[Note: additional news may be found on the Campaigns and Press Room pages]

  June, 2008 -
Hercules Toxaphene Plant Removal Underway 

Removal of the toxaphene plant is finally underway, according to Hercules reports to the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (GA-EPD). 

  June, 2008 -
Resource Restoration Projects Under Review



Extensive damage to Glynn County's natural resources occurred while the LCP Chemicals Superfund Site operated.  The natural resource trustees (NOAA, USFWS, GA-EPD) are currently reviewing restoration projects proposed by the public, organizations like the GEC, and state and federal agencies. 

  June, 2008 -

Congressional Probe Widens to Examine "Science for Sale" Consulting Group


Discussion of the Congressional investigation of the consulting firm hired by Hercules and EPA activities to thwart Altama Elementary School re-testing.

  June, 2008 -
Recycling Efforts Making Headway
  Another report from Jennifer Waters and Shasta Fahs on progress in the struggle to make Glynn County recycling all that it could be.    
  June 10, 2008 -
GEC Annual Meeting
  A report on the meeting, our new by-laws, and new Board of Directors  
  May 2008 -
Congress Investigates Industry Junk Science Journal with Ties to
Glynn County and Altama Elementary School
  The outrageous conduct of the American Chemistry Council, their stacking of chemical and health advisory boards, and the questionable science in their journal, Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology, has spawned a Congressional investigation with implications for Glynn County, and Altama Elementary School. ... AND Glynn County gets
even more junk science
thanks to the same journal
  May 2008 -
Compact Fluorescent Lamps and Mercury Concerns
  Concerns have been raised about the mercury in Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs), recycling the bulbs, and what to do if they break.    


  April 2008 -
GEC Partnership Identifies Another Hazard - Arco Pond Found to Be Human Health Threat
  GEC requested that the EPA have the fish sampled to assure contaminated fish were not being consumed.  EPA refusal to test the fish led to the formation of a partnership with local, state, and national health agencies to get the task done.
  February 2008 -
GEC Exploring Recycling Initiatives




The number of people calling the GEC seeking ways to recycle has been steadily increasing and citizens are organizing in an effort to bring world-class recycling to Glynn County.  Thanks to Jennifer Waters and Shasta Fahs for this update on their effort to determine if picked-up recyclables were actually being recycled, and where to take recyclables currently not on the curbside recycling list.




Hailey B. Wetzel, a 16-year-old 10th grader at Glynn Academy, became the third recipient of the annual Dr. William T. Lipscomb Science Fair Award on Feb. 16th at the award ceremonies at Coastal Georgia Community College. 

  February 2008 -
Altama Elementary School - More Factual and Scientific Inaccuracies from the EPA - EPA Refuses to Test School
At the request of the Glynn Environmental Coalition I reviewed the recent January 29, 2008 EPA PowerPoint presentation to the Glynn County Board of Education. There are factual errors and scientific inaccuracies contained within this presentation.
  The Glynn Environmental Coalition commented extensively on the EPA's January 29, 2008, presentation to the Glynn County Board of Education.
GEC Comments
EPA Presentation
  January 2008 -
GEC taking a LEAP

Through the Leadership Enhancement Assistance Program (LEAP) of the Environmental Support Center, the GEC has contracted for the services of Harper Consulting as a consultant and facilitator to the Board and members of GEC in its effort to develop a plan through which the GEC can increase effectiveness of the organization in achieving its mission.


Members’ Input and Suggestions Requested

E-mail the GEC with your comments, questions, priorities, or suggestions to make the GEC better


  December 11, 2007 -
GEC Received Recognition and Donation



The GEC received recognition for bringing the environmental travesty at the LCP Chemicals Superfund Site to light and a $25,000 donation on December 11th. 

  November 8, 2007- Hercules Toxaphene Manufacturing Plant Cleanup Proposed   Hercules manufactured toxaphene from 1948 until 1980 when the pesticide was banned. In 1987, the GA-EPD ordered Hercules to investigate the extent of contamination around the Toxaphene Plant and develop a cleanup plan.
  The Glynn Environmental Coalition commented extensively on Corrective Action Plan for the Hercules Toxaphene Manufacturing Plant, Hercules Plant, Brunswick, GA. Click here for GEC comments.
  October 2007 -
GEC Water Sampling Finds Problem Area

GEC water sampling over the past six months from the Oak Grove Island area have indicated an extreme fluctuation in salinity in some areas of the estuary, while others are being starved for fresh water. 

  October 2007 -
  We are working toward re-positioning ourselves within our community by diversifying our Board and funding and through improving public awareness of our work.    
  October 9, 2007 -
GEC Marsh Walk Filled With Surprises
  GEC members thoroughly enjoyed an exploration of our local marsh led by our own Eileen Hutcheson.  
  October 3, 2007 -
Dr. Bull Supports Efforts to Test Altama Elementary -  EPA Releases Incorrect Statements and Misleading Information About Altama Elementary School
  Dr. Bull has joined the GEC, The Brunswick News, the Altama Elementary School PTA President, and others in requesting the EPA to follow the advice of the EPA Office of Inspector General and resolve the uncertainty caused by the previous erroneous testing. Everyone is now waiting for the EPA's response.    
  September 2007 -
Atlanta Gas Light Site Cleanup Complete
  Georgia Power and Atlanta Gas Light (the Companies) completed remediation of the saturated soils at the former Brunswick Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) in September 2007.    
  September 2007 - Hercules Plant Hazardous Waste Facility Permit Up for Renewal    Public Hearing Sept. 13th 6:00 to 8:00 PM  at the Brunswick Library.



The Hercules Plant has failed to complete investigation of the Plant in 20 years or make significant progress in cleaning up the 39 toxic waste sites discovered  to date.

  August 2007 - Georgia’s Statewide Water Plan Heading to
  The GEC has been working through the Georgia Water Coalition to influence the statewide water plan.    
  June 2007 - Atlanta Gas Light site cleanup is underway ... Georgia Power has returned to address groundwater contamination  
  June 12, 2007 - Annual Meeting re-elects GEC officers and Board of Directors   GEC members enjoyed food, fellowship, and fun at our 17th Annual Meeting, held at the Golden Corral Restaurant.   
  May 8, 2007 - GEC Members enjoy preview tour of the new GA Sea Turtle Center  on Jekyll Island.      Sea Turtle Center Director Bill Irwin  showed us around the new facility and explained the programs and educational exhibits being put in place.     

Bill Irwin (left) telling GEC members about the turtle tanks surrounding them.  Click on thumbnail for larger picture.

  April 3, 2007 - Glynn County Denies Request for Contaminated Seafood Awareness Funding   Mis-characterization of our request may have scuttled an expansion of our efforts to alert local fishers to recognized health risks  
  April, 2007 - Hercules: A Disaster in Slow Motion   The Georgia Environmental Protection Division (GA-EPD) was incapable of stopping the LCP Chemicals and Brunswick Wood Preserving Superfund Sites from releasing toxic wastes into our estuary, soil, and waters over a 20 year period.  The Brunswick Hercules Plant appears to be following the same path and exit plan from our community.  
  March, 2007 - Volunteer Opportunities with GEC  

The GEC relies on its members to do much of our work.  Here are some opportunities to help.

  March 15, 2007 - Savannah River Victory - Two Nuclear Reactors Delayed at Plant Vogtle!  

Georgia Water Coalition partners and friends had a partial victory for the Savannah River in an initial legal effort to prevent two more nuclear reactors from being built at Southern Company’s Plant Vogtle.

  March, 2007 - GEC Expresses Concerns to Brunswick & Glynn County Development Authority About Bond Issuance to Innovative Foam Products    We're watching out for public safety by making sure that new industry coming to Glynn County will not be using chemicals which are dangerous to public health.    
  February 23, 2007 - Hercules Catches Fire, Again   Recurring problems at Hercules are mostly unseen by the public, but "Where there's smoke....."  
  February, 2007 - "Buy Dry" Campaign can use your help.  

Please report flooded homes and properties to the GEC at 466-0934. 

  February 17, 2007 - Tuten wins second Lipscomb Award  

Wicker J. Tuten, a 14-year-old 8th grader at Glynn Middle School, became the second recipient of the annual Dr. William T. Lipscomb Science Fair Award at the award ceremonies at Coastal Georgia Community College on Feb. 17th. 

  January, 2007 - Board names Nominating Committee   It's time again to find the best people to serve on the GEC Board of Directors and as officers for the 2007-08 year.    
  November 18, 2006 -
"Buy Dry" Campaign Kicks Off 
  Encouraging people to look before they leap in over their heads, environmental organizations launch a campaign to use the power of the market to discourage development of wetlands.  
  November 13, 2006 -
GEC Program on Plant Vogtle Proposal
  The GEC hosted Sara Barczak of the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy to talk about the proposed expansion of nuclear power plant Vogtle and what it would mean for us.  
  October 28, 2006 -
In Memory of Joel Myers

Joel Myers, who served on the GEC Board of Directors since June of 2005, was killed in a car accident on October 22nd.

  October 7, 2006 -
GEC has successful day at CoastFest
We covered seafood safe consumption, mussels in the Altamaha River, and the new "Buy Dry" campaign.

October 3, 2006 -
Liberty Harbor meets with coastal environmental organizations


  Several environmental organizations met with the Liberty Harbor development team on October 3rd to learn more about plans for the site.  
  September 12, 2006 -
Beach Walk a Grab-Bag of Oceanic Surprises
  Eileen Hutcheson led us on a walk of the St. Simons Island beach for our September meeting.  
  September, 2006 - Seafood Safe Consumption Campaign is renewed   Safe seafood consumption flyers have been updated and reprinted and are being distributed by volunteer Justin Sumner.  We also have distributed to parents and children at Kids Day America and CoastFest events.
   Click below for PDF copy of the updated 2006 FULL COLOR FLYER:
English version Spanish version
  August 24, 2006 - Glynn County Planning Process Fails School Children and Minorities, Again   A second asphalt plant is locating on Whitlock Street, ½ mile from three schools and in the heart of minority neighborhoods, all made possible by Glynn County’s re-zoning and approval process.
  August 18, 2006 -
Letter to the Editor on Failure of Glynn's planning & zoning process
  Until Glynn County takes school and minority neighborhoods into consideration during the land use planning and approval process, we will be destined to continue placing pollution next to schools and clustering polluting activities in minority neighborhoods.
  August 2006 - Disease and Cancer rates for Glynn County
  Here are a few statistics to show why we are so concerned about the disproportionate siting of polluting industries in minority neighborhoods.
  June 2006 -
Air Permit Requested for Second Asphalt Plant on Whitlock Street
  A second asphalt plant has requested a permit to operate within 1/2 mile of two public schools.  How much pollution will the EPD force our students to endure?
  June 13, 2006 - 
GEC Annual Meeting
  New Officers and Board were elected.  We recognized some folk for their hard work.  And we had fun, food and fellowship.
  June 8-11, 2006 -
GEC Participates in First National Conference on the Precaution Principle
  Project Manager Daniel Parshley and Organizational Development Contractor Robert Randall joined hundreds of activists in Baltimore for this historic event.  Here's a short report.    
  June 3, 2006 -
Electronics Recycling a Success
  Glynn Countians showed that, given a chance, they will recycle.    
  April 2006 -
  Here's what we learned while getting ready for our March 2006 meeting on recycling: what can be recycled locally and how far we have to go to get back a decent recycling program in Glynn County.
  April 2006 -
EPA Proposes Assessing Cancer and Other Health Risks with Only 3 of Over 800 Toxaphene Chemicals
  Through a journal article, the EPA is proposing to change cancer and non-cancer risk assessments to considering only 3 of the 800+ chemicals in toxaphene, containing 8 or 9 chlorine molecules, and ignoring all the others.  This would in effect continue the discredited TTF method of measuring toxaphene.
  March 2006 -
EPA Response to Office of Inspector General Report Expected 3/22
  The EPA’s March 22nd response to the IG’s report will answer questions about their willingness to do the right thing and use appropriate methods to test for toxaphene in our community.  Until the full extent of the toxaphene problem in our community is known, steps to avoid exposure or plans to remove the health threat cannot be developed.
  February 2006 -
Two Pollution Control Technologies Developed, But Not Used, In Glynn County
  Two pollution control technologies have been developed and demonstrated at local industries, but our community is not receiving the benefit.  Why not?
  February 25, 2006 -
Gibbs Joins Local Citizens in Protest of Hercules Pollution
  Fifteen people gathered outside of the Hercules Plant in Brunswick Saturday morning to call for an end to "foot-dragging" and immediate clean-up of the 39 toxic sites on its property.  They were joined by Lois Gibbs.  
  February 25, 2006 -
Lois Gibbs Presents First Annual Lipscomb Science Fair Award
  Natalie Demarko, a 9th grader at Brunswick High School, became the first winner of the GEC’s Dr. William T. Lipscomb Science Fair Award  
  February, 2006 -
Who Pays the Real Cost of Our Toxic Trash?

  We do, of course.  This article says there is a better way.    
  February, 2006 - Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs)
and Glynn County

  What are POPs and what can they do to you?  Are they in Glynn County?  Here's an overview.    
  January 2006 -
Scientists Identify Corporate Structure
as Bad for Public Health
  Corporate power is a major cause of health problems, according to the October/December 2005 special issue of the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health.
  December 2005 - Hercules A Viable Company?   Is Glynn County facing the prospect of yet another polluting industry going out of business and leaving us stuck with their mess?  The GEC analyzes the economic viability of Hercules.
  December 2005 - EPA fights GEC's efforts to end Brunswick's unhealthy air   In an effort to circumvent the GEC's lawsuit to force EPA and EPD to enforce the law requiring that cumulative effects of air pollution be taken into account when issuing permits for polluting us, the EPA is proposing that the requirement be stricken from Georgia's implementation plan for meeting clean air standards.
  November 2005 -
Upcoming Leadership Conference with Lois Gibbs

The GEC is pleased to announce opening of registration for the upcoming leadership conference with Lois Gibbs on February 25, 2006, co-sponsored with the Coastal Georgia Community College.  Lois Gibbs is one of the most successful environmental advocates of our era and is coming to Glynn County to share her skills with the GEC and environmental organizations in Coastal Georgia.

  More info on the Conference

More info on Lois Gibbs

  November 2005 -
Hercules A Bad Neighbor?
  Hercules has often used the slogan “A Good Neighbor”.  Upon a closer look, this might not be true. A good neighbor cleans up after making a mess, doesn’t disturb their neighbors, and does not endanger others.    
  November 2005 -
Glynn County Rewards Hercules for Superfund Site with Tax Exemption
  Since at least 1988, Hercules has not paid taxes on the 16-acre Hercules 009 Landfill Superfund Site.  Now they are renting part of it.  How has this happened?    
  October 2005 -
Toxaphene Analysis Flawed
  GEC VICTORY!   The Inspector General's Report on the flawed Toxaphene Task Force Method of measuring toxaphene agrees with the GEC: real contamination has been ignored.  Now what should our community do?   Click here to read our Technical Advisor's report on the IG Report
  October 2005 -
Fish Kill In Altamaha Canal and
Arco Pond Suspicious
  Not everyone is as willing as the Georgia Environmental Protection Division to jump to the conclusion that the October 9-10, 2005 fish kill in the Altamaha Canal and Arco pond was from natural causes.  The GEC believes it was a sewage spill.  Read why.  
  September 2005 -
Hats Off to Al Boudreau
  Cleanup can occur when someone wants to make it happen, and the GEC congratulates just such a person.  See the next item for more information on Al's accomplishment.    
  September 2005 -
Goodyear School Cleanup Complete
  A nine-year effort by GEC has resulted in removal of contaminated soils from Goodyear Elementary School.  This article gives the full background.  
  August, 2005 -
Why They Create Doubt and Confusion
  Unlike most of our news, this article is analytical and not specific to Glynn County.  But it explains very well the kind of tactics which have been used to delay and prevent real cleanup here.  We present it to help you better understand the nature of the struggle.    
  July 28, 2005 -
Goodyear Elementary School Sampling Continues;  August Completion of Cleanup Still Goal
  The Glynn County Board of Education is working to finally end the problem of contaminated soil at Goodyear Elementary School prior to the start of school on August 10th.  
  July, 2005 -
Glynn County Toxic Sites Status Report
  An update-in-brief on the status of toxic waste sites in Glynn County (does not include Superfund Sites)    
  June 28, 2005 - Seafood Safe Consumption Campaign is Exceeding Expectations   We have printed five times as many educational flyers as we had originally thought we would need!  Nearly a thousand people have been presented the information.  The flyers are available all over Glynn County.   Click below for PDF copy of the FULL COLOR FLYER prepared for this project:
English version Spanish version

to get 2006 versions click here

  June 14, 2005 -
GEC Celebrates 15 Years


  Our Annual Meeting was a rousing success.  New Officers and Board elected and installed.  
  April 29, 2005 - Seafood Safe Consumption Campaign has begun   The EPA-funded Environmental Justice project to educate people about safe consumption of local fish is officially begun with a news release and a front-page article in our newsletter.  See April 1 below.  
  April 16, 2005 -Toxics force children off playground at local school


  As a result of a Health Consultation from ATSDR the Goodyear Elementary School took precautions to safeguard children.  But the toxics have been there since before 1996!  GEC continues to work for safe and healthy schools.  
  April 13, 2005 - Spring Membership Drive is Underway   GEC is expanding its membership!  If you aren't yet a member or need to renew, now is the time!    
  April 1, 2005 -     Flyer on catching, preparing, and eating fish in Glynn County is available now.  Contact the Coalition office for hard copies or more info.   GEC received an Environmental Justice Grant from EPA last year to conduct a community education campaign on reducing risks from contamination of local seafood.  

Click below for PDF copy of the FULL COLOR FLYER prepared for this project:
English version Spanish version

to get 2006 versions click here


March 5, 2005 -
GEC Files Notice of Appeal in Air Permit Case

  On January 24, 2005, GEC filed a Notice of Appeal with the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in order to appeal the decision of the U.S. EPA not to object to the Title V Operating Permit of Hercules’ Inc.  


GEC Presents
 Awards for
Community Service
at Annual Meetings

March 2005 -

Glynn County Beach Nourishment
  80% percent of Glynn County voters oppose taxpayer funding of beach nourishment.   Yet the current (2005-2006) state budget contained a $1 million  appropriation for it. [NOTE: this has since been removed from the budget!]  
  February 2005Inspector General Report on 009 Superfund Site is delayed April 20: Projected date for final report is now July 15, 2005.  Projections have been missed for several months now.  This link provides a very brief overview of the issue. GEC President, Frank Lea, presents Robert Randall an award for 13 years of service to our community.
  October 2004 - EPA update on Brunswick Wood Preserving Superfund site Remedial Design is completed but lack of funding will delay cleanup.

Robert Randall - "In appreciation for Outstanding Service performed in Defense of our Environment, Natural Resources, and Dedication to Improving the Quality of Life and Peace to Mankind, Robert Randall II is presented this Award for 13 years of Service with the Glynn Environmental Coalition."

  June 2004 - Habersham Street School Site on Hold by Board of Education   The Glynn County Board of Education (BOE) decided to look at alternatives to the proposed Habersham Street elementary school site at their June 26, 2004 meeting.
  Robert is a Charter Member of the GEC, which started 13 years ago when 13 concerned citizens met to see what could be done about our polluted community.  Robert has worked tirelessly from the beginning as the GEC formed, evolved, developed, and has served on the Board in many positions and before that on committees and GEC community restoration projects.  Robert's commitment to a peaceful world and destruction of the tools of war has served to remind us that we can hold higher moral ground.
  June 2004 - G8 Summit &
Glynn County

How ironic that Glynn County has been selected by the White House as the location of June 2004 G8 Summit to "...showcase the complementary benefits of environmental stewardship and a strong economy". Even though progress has been made, much remains to be done before Glynn County can be considered a showcase of environmental stewardship and a strong economy.

  May 2004 - Georgia EPD and EPA Cancel Testing of Habersham Street School Site        

March 2004 -
Hazardous Waste Found on Proposed Habersham Street School Site - School Site Qualifies as Hazardous Waste Site

  Workers look in dismay at the newly discovered hazardous waste at the proposed Habersham Street elementary school site.   
  January 2004 - Questions Linger About Proposed Habersham Street School Site - Proposed School Site Fails 7 of 13 Safety Hazard Criteria   Large piles of waste remain after the piles contracted for removal were loaded into the dump truck.   Tiffany Flavell - for service on the GEC Board, EPA Technical Assistance Grant Treasurer, and Project Manager. For over four years, Tiffany has been doing the work so our community can have technical assistance for the Terry Creek and Brunswick Wood Preserving Superfund Sites, helped with door-to-door community organizing, and with special events.





Deborah Strong -
for service on the GEC Board, Community Organizing, and Clean Air Campaign
. Deborah helped organize and plan community organizing around the Brunswick Wood Preserving Superfund Site, and visited more homes than any other GEC member. Deborah entered and organized hundreds of pages of air pollution data about our local industries.  This work was key to our air campaign, and letting our membership know what is in the air we breath.  Deborah has commented at numerous public hearings, and supported the GEC for many years, for which we are grateful.

        Eileen Hutcheson - for Three Years service on the GEC Board.  Eileen has worked tirelessly to preserve our natural beaches, marsh hammocks, serves on the Green Space Committee, and works hard for wise zoning and planning.





Frank Quinby - for service on the GEC Board. Frank organized the successful Legislative Reception held last January, and though the Sierra Club is a partner with the GEC in the Man Head Marina permit appeal, and worked diligently to preserve our marsh hammocks.

        Michael Koreckis - for Ten Years of Service as the GEC Technical Assistance Grant Treasurer for the Hercules 009 Landfill Superfund Site.  Mike started helping the GEC back in 1991, and helped us set up our first Technical Assistance Grant for the Hercules 009 Landfill Superfund Site.  His accounting background has been a tremendous resource.  Mike has worked on many GEC projects over the years, unrecognized for his quite contribution of a tremendous amount of time and effort.









Ayesha Factory - for Two Years service on the GEC Board.  Ayesha and her husband Germane have been a big help with efforts to educate our community at Coast Fest and through special events. 



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