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April 6, 2005                              


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Daniel E. Parshley

Phone:  O-912-466-0934



                                                                                  NOTE: documentation for article quotes available upon request





     A newly released Health Consultation from the U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services' Agency For Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) advises that precautions be taken at Goodyear Elementary School in Glynn County "until the results from additional soil analyses have been evaluated."


    Although the report, prepared by the Glynn County Board of Health (GCHD) and the Georgia Dept. of Human Resources Division of Public Health (GDPH) under a cooperative agreement with ATSDR, states that "The limited data available do not indicate that humans are being or have been exposed to levels of contamination that would be expected to cause adverse health effects," Goodyear Elementary School is nevertheless categorized as "an Indeterminate Public Health Hazard because there are insufficient data to determine whether the site has had an adverse impact on human health."  Three other sites tested, Burroughs-Mollette Elementary School, Risley Middle School, and Edo-Miller Park, were all found to present no apparent public health hazard.


    In addressing Goodyear Elementary, the report states that "GDPH and GCHD recommend that:

        1. Additional limited evaluation of surface and subsurface soil ... be conducted to determine the vertical and horizontal extent of contamination.

        2. ... the new soil cap's placement and design should be evaluated by a Professional Engineer.

        3. Until the results from additional soil analyses have been evaluated, the following precautionary measures should be put into place ....: (1) maintain substantial ground cover to minimize exposures to children and workers, and (2) implement a Health and Safety Plan to protect on-site workers performing activities related to excavation, lawn maintenance, and utility repairs."


     The health consultation is based on soil sampling done in October of 2002 by the Skidaway Institute of Oceanography, funded by the Glynn County School Board and the Glynn Environmental Coalition (GEC).  Daniel Parshley, GEC Project Manager, said of the consultation, “Community partnerships can and do work when everyone works towards a common goal of clean schools.  Previous testing found that soil on the Goodyear Elementary school was acutely toxic, but did not identify where or what chemicals were the problem.  A partnership was formed with the Glynn County Health Department, Board of Education, and the GEC to identify the problem areas and the chemicals causing the toxicity.   Once we found the problem areas, the Board of Education took quick action to cover the area with soil.  We are looking forward to implementing a permanent solution for the Goodyear Elementary School.  We are proud that our organization and County, State, and Federal Agencies were able to form a partnership to investigate and resolve our toxic schoolyard problem.”


    Mr. Parshley added that anyone wanting to see the full 49-page consultation report could do so at the Coalition's offices at 4472-C New Jesup Hwy (Hwy 341) in Brunswick.  "We maintain an extensive library of government reports and other materials available to the public," stated Parshley.  "One of our purposes is to make this information accessible to our local community.  I'd only ask that people call ahead, if they can, to 466-0934, to be sure that someone is in the office to help them when they stop by."




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