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  updated 5-31-08

GEC Taking a LEAP

 Membersí Input and Suggestions Requested 

E-mail the GEC with your comments, questions, priorities, or suggestions to make the GEC better as we prepare for the future.

    The GEC is working to position the organization as a significant community leader for the 21st century and an advocate for a clean environment and a healthy economy for the coastal region of southeast Georgia.

   Through the Leadership Enhancement Assistance Program (LEAP) of the Environmental Support Center, the GEC has contracted for the services of Ann Harper (Harper Consulting of Atlanta) as a consultant and facilitator to the Board and members of GEC in its effort to develop a plan through which the GEC can increase effectiveness of the organization in achieving its mission.  GEC wishes to improve fundraising techniques, expand and solidify a base of regional support, develop and diversify the Board, enhance its public relations and communications strategies, and assess and improve the GECís perception in the eyes of the public. Harper Consulting will be evaluating current practices and provide feedback, information and training related to those topics and provide coaching services to GEC to develop strategies, evaluate progress, and resolve problems related to achieving goals and expectations.

GEC members, Board, and officers met on January 26-27, 2008, for the LEAP Retreat to evaluate the organization now, 18 years after its humble beginnings.  This effort was made possible through the Leadership Enhancement Assistance Program (LEAP) of the Environmental Support Center (ESC).  Ann Harper of Harper Consulting was obtained to do an in-depth evaluation of the organization in preparation for facilitating the Retreat and helping the GEC achieve goals over the next year.

    Ann Harper interviewed a wide variety of people from our community about their perception of the GEC and reported the results.  While none of the views of the GEC were unexpected, it did help focus where efforts and plans would be made to change perceptions and help the GEC better fit with the evolution of attitudes and expectations in our community over the past 18 years. 

   The results of the community interviews were followed by an evaluation of the strengths, weaknesses, and changes needed to position the GEC to serve our community in the 21st century.   After plans were developed and priorities set, an ambitious implementation schedule was developed.   While some changes will take time to fully implement, several are already underway,  such as improving the GEC Newsletter, identifying talents within the GEC, and seeking Board members with needed skills and insights. 

   The Retreat was not the end of the GEC LEAP effort.  As the GEC implements our public relations, Board development and diversification, and fundraising plans, Ann Harper will continue to advise and evaluate our progress.  But we also need our members and community to help throughout the process.

    GEC members are encouraged to participate.    Do not hesitate to contact the GEC if you have a comment, question, or suggestion.



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