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Hats Off to Al Boudreau for a Job Well Done 

   Al Boudreau, Facilities Director for Glynn County Schools, did a nearly super human feat over this last summer and has not received the credit or recognition he deserves.  The Board of Education learned in April 2005 that Goodyear Elementary School soils were contaminated.  Actually, Goodyear was contaminated enough to be included on Georgia’s list of Hazardous Sites.

   Starting from scratch in May 2005, Al Boudreau contracted services and started to test the schoolyard to get a handle on the extent of the toxic soil problem.  Initial estimates were a few hundred cubic yards of soil.  Once areas that would need removal were identified, they were removed and retested to see if clean up goals had been reached.  When clean up levels were not met, more was removed until goals were achieved. 

   The few hundred cubic yards ballooned to 3500 as toxic soils were discovered much deeper than expected.  May, June, and July rushed by as the August 10th school-reopening date approached.  The final soil removals took place late in July, excavations filled with clean soil, and landscaping completed.  While Al Boudreau put the final touches on the schoolyard, a report was prepared for the Georgia Environmental Protection Division.  With around a week left, Al picked up the report and drove it to Atlanta.  With less than 100 hours before school reopening, the clean-up report was accepted and approved by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division.

   Just to put what Al Boudreau did into perspective, the Hercules Plant has yet to determine the extent of toxic soil contamination after investigating the problem for 18 years, and even less progress has been made on cleaning up their mess.  Al has shown what a competent and determined person can do when they put their mind to getting the job done.

   Hats off to Al Boudreau for a job well done.



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