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Air Quality


Georgia-Pacific Pulp and Paper Mill.

   Pulp Mill Requests 12,200,000 Pounds Annual Increase in Air Pollution, April 2007
   11th Circuit Court Dismisses Air Case, August 2006
   GEC Air Case at Crucial Ruling, June 2006
   EPA Fights Efforts to Protect School Children from Toxic Air Pollution in Brunswick, Georgia, April 2006
   Clean Air Case Continues, February 2006
   GEC comments on EPA proposal to remove cumulative air quality rule from GA clean air implementation plan, December 29, 2005
   EPA seeking to remove cumulative air quality protections for Georgians, December 23, 2005
   Oral Arguments Set in Air Case, October 2005

   Air Case Now With 11th Circuit Court,
August 24, 2005


   Does Brunswick Have Healthy Air?, July 2005


   Clean Air Appeal Filed in 11th Circuit Court, July 2005

   GEC Files Notice of Appeal in Air Permit Case, March 2005
   EPA Issues Air Case Decision, January 2005
   What's in our air and potential health effects
  How industry remained unregulated in the past
  How industry remains unregulated now and our suit for clean air, March 3, 2004 
  Hazardous air pollution summary 1998-2000 (most recent data)
  Disappearing permit applications, Feb. 8, 2002
Water Quality


A dark plume follows the incoming tide in Turtle River as fire equipment puts out another fire in the Georgia-Pacific dump.

   Georgia Water Management Plan, Nov. 2007  
   Pulp Mill Request to Increase Air Pollution Has Water Quality Implications, April 2007
   Pulp Mill Pollution Case Continues, August 2005
   Turtle River Seafood Consumption Advisory

Glynn County Denies Request for Contaminated Seafood Awareness Funding, April 3, 2007

Seafood Safe Consumption Campaign  

Clyde Williams, community outreach coordinator for the Environmental Justice project, places the educational flyer at one of Glynn County's many public boat ramps

Originally funded by an Environmental Justice grant from the EPA, for the purpose of community education to reduce the risks from locally contaminated seafood, the GEC is continuing this project on its own.

 Click below for PDF copy of FULL COLOR FLYER on catching, preparing, and eating fish in Glynn County:      
English version Spanish version

Mussels of the Altamaha River - with teacher's plan



Superfund Sites - The GEC provides technical assistance for our 4 Superfund Sites, organizes our community, and helps with submitting comments:

Note: for Technical Assistance Reports not found here, go to



LCP Chemicals Superfund Site

Technical Assistance Update, July 2008

LCP Chemicals Upland Feasibility Plan, August, 2007

LCP Legal Case and How It Affected the GEC, February, 2007

Meeting about removal of caustic brine and mercury, October 18, 2006

Community action needed to save water, Sep 29, 2006

LCP plume of contamination is growing, Sept. 13, 2006

LCP Chemicals Superfund Site Groundwater Monitoring Shows
Plume Movements, June 2006

Plant Site May Receive Rehabilitation, June 7, 2006

Caustic Brine and Chemicals Enter Drinking Water Aquifer at LCP Chemicals Superfund Site, April 2006

Residents Seek Aid on Pollution, March 29, 2006

LCP Chemicals Site Mercury/Caustic Brine Pool Receiving EPA Attention, June 23, 2005

LCP Chemicals Superfund Site ARCO Neighborhood Soil Sampling Results, June 2005

Study finds lead in Arco, June 22, 2005

LCP Still Leaking Mercury Into Drinking Water
No Action Date, No Plan from EPA, April 2005

Arco Neighborhood Sampling Results Withheld by EPA, April 2005

Arco Neighborhood Sampled
Results Expected in February 2005

- ARCO Neighborhood Testing Plan Revised, September 2004

- GEC Comments on Arco Sampling Plan, June 2004

- LCP Chemicals ARCO Neighborhood Testing Plan, May 2004

- Arco Community Meeting - Sampling Plan for LCP Chemicals Superfund Site Contamination, Saturday, May 22, 2004, 10:00 AM

LCP Marsh Seeps Phytoremediation review, October 2003

Broken Promises by the EPA has left the Arco Neighborhood untested:
EPA Again Urged to Study Cleanup Site, Agency Promises Thorough Testing, Sept. 4, 2003

Arco Danger is Unclear, Sept. 4, 2003 

LCP Chemicals Site Neighborhood Testing Review, June 2003

LCP Chemicals Marshlands Feasibility Studies, April 2002

LCP Chemicals Site Baseline Risk Assessment, January 2002

Ex-LCP Officials Sentenced, January 31, 2001 









GEC President, Bill Owens, and technical advisor Dr. Pegg ask about groundwater mercury removal plans















The Arco community came out in force for the June 23, 2005 public meeting to share results of toxic sampling in the community.







The Arco community met with the EPA and toxicologist from the Agency for Toxic Substance and Disease Registry on September 28, 2004, to discuss sampling plans and health information.




 Testing the Arco neighborhood was identified as a priority in 1996.  The community met with the EPA on September 3, 2003, and shortly thereafter the EPA agreed to test the Arco neighborhood.  As of April 1, 2004, no sampling has occurred.



PCB impregnated anodes were used to construct the water treatment basin.  Seafood has been extensively contaminated in Turtle River.






























 Brunswick Wood Preserving
 Superfund Site

Technical Assistance Update, July 2008

Brunswick Wood Preserving Containment Scheduled for Start - An Overview of the Issues, April 2007

Residents in Glynn want EPA to come clean, April 5, 2007

Residents fretting over water quality, April 4, 2007

Residents Near Site Still Concerned, March 28, 2007

GEC Receives Inquiries about Properties Near Brunswick Wood Preserving Superfund Site, February 2007

Brunswick Wood Preserving 2006 Groundwater Sampling Report, December 2006

 Tainted Site Riles Nearby Residents, October 12, 2005

Brunswick Wood Preserving Superfund Site
Floods Floraville Neighborhood, October 2005

Brunswick Wood Preserving Remedial Design, December 2004

Ready, Set, STOP! Brunswick Wood Preserving Superfund Site Cleanup, From the October 2004 EPA Update

   Recent Brunswick Wood Preserving Studies Show Neighborhood Concern is Justified, December 2000 
   Human Health Assessment Shows Information Gaps, August 2000

   Feasibility Study Options, December, 1999




Contaminated sediments are being removed from Burnett Creek during periods of low tide.







The four acre pond of creosote, copper chromium arsenate, and pentachlorophenol dominated the west end of the 84-acre Brunswick Wood Preserving Superfund Site. 

 Terry Creek Dredge Spoil Areas/Hercules Outfall Site

  Technical Assistance Update, July 2008

  Technical Assistance Update, November 2007

 Public Health Assessment Questions Toxaphene Analysis Method, February 2003

    Review of the Terry Creek Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study Workplan, Sampling and Analysis Plan, and Quality Assurance Plan, September 2001

   Site Summary and Technical Overview, Part I June, 1999

   Toxaphene Technical Overview, Part 2 , June 1999

  The pesticide toxaphene was manufactured from 1948 to 1980 at the Hercules Plant.  Several million pounds of toxaphene were released to the estuary, contaminating seafood.
 Hercules 009 Landfill Superfund Site

Altama Elementary School - More Factual and Scientific Inaccuracies from the EPA - EPA Refuses to Test School, February 2008

EPA won't retract Incorrect Statements, October 24, 2007

Dr. Bull Supports Efforts to Test Altama Elementary, October 2007

Altama Elementary School Testing sought, July 30, 2007

 Technical Assistance Grant closed, December 2006

Inspector Generalís Final Response to EPAís Plan to Continue  Underestimating Toxaphene, December 2006

Comments to OIG from national environmentalists support GEC's opposition to EPA efforts to continue underquantification of toxaphene, October 10, 2006

GEC comments on EPA response to OIG Report, September 9, 2006

Technical Assistance Report critique of EPA basis for trying to continue under-quantification of toxaphene, August 2006

Superfund Site may be used as commercial car parking lot, August 14, 2006

009 Site Is Back on Tax Rolls, July 2006

EPA Responds to Office of Inspector General Report on Hercules 009 Landfill Superfund Site, June 2006

Former Landfill Becomes Storage Site, May 31, 2006

EPA Response to Office of Inspector General Report Expected March 22, 2006

Second Report issued by EPA Inspector General on Toxaphene testing in Glynn County, December 2005

EPA Requests 90 Day Extension for Response to First Office of Inspector General Report, December 2005

Comment from the Glynn Environmental Coalition on the Office of Inspector General Ombudsman Report, Appropriate Testing and Timely Reporting Are Needed at the Hercules 009 Landfill Superfund Site, Brunswick, Georgia, Report 2005-P-00022, September 26, 2005,  comments of Dec. 19, 2005

Hercules Has Tax Exemption on 009 Superfund Site, November 2005

Toxaphene Analysis Flawed, October 2005

EPA Toxaphene Testing Method Found Inappropriate, October 2005

Delayed timetable for EPA Inspector General audit of the Hercules 009 Landfill Superfund Site, February 2005

   GEC Comments Regarding the Five-Year Review Report for the Hercules 009 Landfill Superfund Site, June 2004

   Five-Year Review Study Provides No Assurances on Effectiveness of Cleanup, June 2004

   How To Hide the Poison: an analysis of the faulty toxaphene analytical methodology used in Brunswick, GA, January 2001

   009 Landfill Final Treatment: "Fast and Cheap Remedial Design", September 1999


GEC Comments on EPA's January 29, 2008, presentation

EPA's January 29, 2008, presentation




    Click here for lessons learned from managing this grant.



    [Click here for PDF version of this document]

       Hercules 009 Landfill Superfund Site.


   009 Remedial Design: Questions and Responses, April 1998

   Final Remedial Design Report for the 009 Landfill NPL Site, March 1998

In Situ Stabilization Protects Groundwater at the 009 Site, April 1996

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