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Ready, Set, STOP!
Brunswick Wood Preserving Superfund Site Cleanup
From the October 2004 EPA Update

 Remedial Design Status

   EPA has completed the Remedial Design for the selected remedy at the Brunswick Wood Preserving site.  A copy has been placed at the information repository (Brunswick Library) for public review.

   As part of the design, more site soils will be excavated than had originally been planned.  This will result in a higher degree of protectiveness.  The selected remedy called for the excavation of those soils above a cleanup level set for dioxin; these site soils would then be placed under the caps to be put on top of the old creosote ponds.  However, much more soils are needed to build these caps.  Rather than bring in clean soil from off-site for building the caps, site soils with dioxin below the cleanup level will be used to build the caps.  Clean soil from off-site will then be used to grade the excavated areas.

Remedial Action Funding

   Due to funding constraints, EPA cannot start long-term construction field work at every site in the nation that is eligible for funding in the fiscal year.  One reason for this is that sites now coming into their construction phase are larger and more complex, like the Brunswick Wood Preserving site.  Sites are thus prioritized nationally, based on several factors.

   Although the Remedial Design was anticipated for completion in September, the Brunswick Wood Preserving site was not funded in FY 2004.  The primary reason was that other sites in the nation posed a greater risk to public health in their current state.  This means that remedial action will not begin in the first quarter of FY 2005, as planned. 

   It is important to recognize that although a site may not receive construction funding for Remedial Action in a given year, EPA will always address imminent threats through its emergency removal program, should site conditions change.

September/October, 2004 Groundwater Sampling

   During the first week of December 2004, EPA will conduct sampling of groundwater wells at residences near the Brunswick Wood Preserving site, as part of its regular annual sampling in the area.  Testing done since 1991 has shown that deep water beneath the bedrock has not been impacted by the site.

Brunswick Wood on the Internet

   The Brunswick Wood Preserving site has a new web site to keep the community informed. The internet address is  In addition to interactive map tools that can access the large amounts of data generated at the site, links have been provided to the many site updates sent to the community since 2000.

Potential Purchaser

   EPA has received an inquiry from a company interested in purchasing part of the Brunswick Wood Preserving property.  EPA responded in writing to the company’s inquiry on August 5, 2004.  A copy of that letter has been placed at the information repository.

A meeting was held September 2, 2004 at EPA’s Atlanta office, to discuss the company’s proposed business activities and EPA’s planned remedial activities.  The company is interested in that portion of the site south of the old rail spur, for a possible asphalt operation.



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