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Arco Community Meeting
Arco Sampling Plan for LCP Chemicals Superfund Site Contamination

Saturday, May 22, 2004, 10:00 AM
Arco United Methodist Church Social Hall
12 Ross Road
Brunswick Georgia 31520

           Eight years ago, the U.S. EPA promised the Arco community that they would test around their homes for chemicals from the LCP Chemicals Superfund Site.  Eight months ago, the EPA again promised to test the Arco neighborhood, and recently released the draft sampling plan for community review and comment. 

            On Saturday, the Arco community will be meeting with Dave Mellard, toxicologist from the Center for Disease Control about the proposed sampling plan.  Mr. Mellard will be using the results of the neighborhood sampling to evaluate health risks, and report his findings in a Public Health Assessment.   

            "Our  community's technical advisor, Dr. R. Kevin Pegg, is also reviewing the sampling plan, " said Daniel Parshley, project manager for the Glynn Environmental Coalition.  "We are disappointed that the draft plan does not include the Coastal Academy School and hope to correct the oversight," said Parshley.

            The Arco community met with the EPA and Center for Disease Control on September 3, 2003.  The CDC Ombudsman, Ron Wilson said, "You owe them one," referring to the promise to determine if there are health risks from chemical releases during operation of the LCP Chemicals Superfund Site.

Purpose of the Meeting 

            The EPA released the draft sampling plan for determining the extent of contamination of the Arco neighborhood area.  Purpose of this meeting is to discuss the sampling plan and take community questions and comments.  Our goal is for the sampling plan to definitively answer the question, “Is there chemical contamination in the Arco neighborhood.”  Results of the sampling will be used by a toxicologist to evaluate any potential health risk to those living in Arco. It is important that the sampling plan be designed by those who will be using the results, like the toxicologist, and be able to satisfy banks which make decisions about loans for buying and improving homes in the area.

Background information: LCP Chemicals Site Neighborhood Testing Review, June 2003

Media from September 3, 2004 Meeting:
Arco Danger is Unclear, Brunswick News
EPA again urged to study cleanup site - Agency promises thorough testing, Florida Times Union

The EPA wants community comments by June 1, 2004. 

Invited to present are:

Dr. R. Kevin Pegg, our community’s technical advisor who is reviewing the sampling plan. (confirmed)

Dave Mellard, Toxicologist, Agency for Toxic Substance and Disease Registry (CDC)  (confirmed)

Gary Hummel, Glynn County Health Department (confirmed)

Congressman Kingston or Aid Rob Asbell

Shea Jones, EPA Remedial Project Manager

Angela Miller, EPA Community Relations



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