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Safe Seafood
Glynn County Seafood Consumption Advisory


Saturday, June 24th, Green Screen, Ritz Theater, Newcastle Street, Brunswick. Show times:
11:30 am - Welcome and short films
12:15 pm - Break with light lunch and more networking with local environmental orgs
1:15 pm - Feature film presentation: How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can't Change  Appropriate for ages 10+ due to mild language.
There are opportunities for GEC members to participate at our table. Interested - call or email the GEC.

Saturday, June 24, 10:00 to 4:00, Rally for Cumberland, Howard Gilman Waterfront Park, St Marys. A coming together in support of Cumberland Island National Seashore - and raising our voices in opposition to rezoning that would allow the development of this fragile and precious Biosphere Reserve. * Free "Don't Develop Cumberland Island" t-shirts for the first 400 attendees, music, face-painting, information booths, food trucks * Hosted by Save Cumberland Island National Seashore. There are opportunities for GEC members to participate at our tent.  Interested - call or email the GEC.

Friday, July 7 - GEC 1st Friday Lunch, Olive Garden, 11 AM, Olive Garden Restaurant, 600 Glynn Isles, Brunswick. Jason Lee Nongame Conservation Section Program Manager with DNR’s Wildlife Resources Division is giving a presentation about Altama Plantation and the history of the 4,000-acre nature preserve outside Brunswick which opened to the public a year ago. He will also share information on its natural resources, what makes the property a biological gem, and what the property means for state wildlife goals.

Friday, August 4 - GEC 1st Friday Lunch, 11:15 AM, Olive Garden Restaurant, 600 Glynn Isles, Brunswick. Maegan Mack, GEC Safe Seafood Outreach, will be speaking about the Socio-Economic Decision-Making of Fishers in the Seafood Advisory Area. Maegan has been studying fisher psychology during outreach activities.


Thu., November 21, 2013 4:08pm (EST)

A Coastal Toxic Waste Site Is Spreading

By Orlando Montoya

 SAVANNAH, Ga.  —  

The Brunswick Wood Preserving Superfund site is a an 84 acre a former wood treating facility that operated from 1958 until 1991, when the company declared bankruptcy. (photo Glynn Environmental Coalition)

Underground contamination from a Superfund site in coastal Glynn County is spreading.

Federal environmental officials are aware of the problem and say there's no danger to surrounding communities.

The Brunswick Wood Preserving Site contaminated the groundwater before the wood treatment plant closed down in 1991 when the company went bankrupt.

So now federal taxpayers are footing the bill to clean it up.

Two years ago, the Environmental Protection Agency built an underground wall at the site to prevent chemicals from spreading.

But Daniel Parshley of the Glynn Environmental Coalition says some chemicals remained outside the wall.

"Since they've completed the wall, additional areas of contamination have been found and contamination has been found where it wasn't before," Parshley says. "Areas that were not contaminated before now are contaminated. And the areas that have spread are now underneath a railroad track near a gas line and will be very difficult to treat."

In a statement provided to GPB by spokesman James Pinkney, EPA officials say there's no way the wall could have prevented the spreading since they believe the chemicals were there before their remedy.

"EPA believes this source material migrated to its present location before July 2011, along with the dissolved phase contaminants previously observed there, and that the western walls are functioning as intended," the statement reads. "No public health concerns exist if gardens are irrigated with clean water."

The agency plans to analyze options to deal with the new contaminated areas by the spring.

this link to see a map of the spreading and read the Glynn Environmental Coalition's assessment of the problem.

this link to learn more about the EPA's efforts at this site.

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