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Superfund Sites & Clean-ups

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Safe Seafood
Glynn County Seafood Consumption Advisory


Friday, June 2 - GEC 1st Friday Lunch, Olive Garden, 11 AM, Olive Garden Restaurant, 600 Glynn Isles, Brunswick. Ashby Nix with The Nature Conservancy is speaking about the concept of Coastal Resilience and using nature and nature based solutions to help coastal Georgia communities reduce their risks to coastal hazards such as storm surge, sea level rise, and other coastal flooding issues.

Saturday, June 24th, Green Screen, Ritz Theater, Newcastle Street, Brunswick. Show times:
11:30 am - Welcome and short films
12:15 pm - Break with light lunch and more networking with local environmental orgs
1:15 pm - Feature film presentation: How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can't Change  Appropriate for ages 10+ due to mild language.
There are opportunities for GEC members to participate at our table. Interested - call or email the GEC.

Saturday, June 24, 10:00 to 4:00, Rally for Cumberland, Howard Gilman Waterfront Park, St Marys. A coming together in support of Cumberland Island National Seashore - and raising our voices in opposition to rezoning that would allow the development of this fragile and precious Biosphere Reserve. * Free "Don't Develop Cumberland Island" t-shirts for the first 400 attendees, music, face-painting, information booths, food trucks * Hosted by Save Cumberland Island National Seashore. There are opportunities for GEC members to participate at our tent.  Interested - call or email the GEC.

Friday, July 7 - GEC 1st Friday Lunch, Olive Garden, 11 AM, Olive Garden Restaurant, 600 Glynn Isles, Brunswick. Jason Lee Nongame Conservation Section Program Manager with DNR’s Wildlife Resources Division is giving a presentation about Altama Plantation and the history of the 4,000-acre nature preserve outside Brunswick which opened to the public a year ago. He will also share information on its natural resources, what makes the property a biological gem, and what the property means for state wildlife goals.


Our Activities, Causes & Campaigns


altRecent hearings and subsequent action on Superfund sites have included: LCP Chemicals Superfund Site; Hercules 009 Superfund Site; Terry Creek Dredge Spoil Areas/ Hercules Outfall Site; and Brunswick Wood Preserving Superfund Site. Our community mobilization programs have resulted in public clean-ups at numerous sites, improving the health of our community.

Below we include links to reports and updates of the most current developments regarding each site:

Annual Updates and Progress

July 2016 - Superfund Sites Updates
August 2015 - Superfund Sites Update
July 2014 - Superfund Sites Update
July 2013 - Superfund Sites Update
October 2012 - Seafood Contamination and Superfund Sites
July 2012 - Superfund Sites Update
September 2011 - Superfund Sites Update
August 2010 - Superfund Site Update
January 2009 - Superfund Site Update
July 2008 - Superfund Site Update
July 2007 - Superfund Site Update

LCP Chemicals Superfund Site

August 2016 - Consent Decree and Statement of Work for LCP Chemicals Site Marsh
     - GEC Comments on the LCP Marsh Consent Decree - September 6, 2016
November 2015 - Record of Decision and Response to Comments of the LCP Marsh
November 2014- Estuary Proposed Plan Overview  
EPA Proposed Plan, November 2014 -  Summary  or  Full Report
     - PCBs in People: LCP Connection with Sapelo Isl. Residents - September 3, 2014
     - How PCBs Hurt People
     - How Our Kids IQ are Hurt (Mercury, PCBs, and others)
     - Site Boundaries Correct? - February 2015
     - Using New Cleanup Methods - February 2015
     - Fish Consumption - February 2015
     - Comments on the Proposed Plan - March 2015:    Technical Adviser   and   GEC
     - Estuary: Proposed Plan Bulletin - January 2015
     - Proposed Plan Overview - December 2014

September 2014 - CO2 Groundwater Treatment Results
      - Does CO2 Treatment Form New Chemicals?  Dr. deFur Response - October 2014
August 2013 - Estuary and Upland Cleanup and Containment Options
      - National Remedy Review Board Response - March 2014
      - Estuary Comments to the EPA - November 2013
      - Estuary Comments to the EPA - March 2013
      - Upland Comments to the EPA - July 2013
June 2013 - Treatment of Groundwater with CO2 Proposed
May 2013 - LCP CO2 Sparging Groundwater treatment Comments
January 2013 - Risks to Humans and Wildlife - LCP Chemicals Superfund Site
September 2010 - Overview of the Public Health Assessment
August 2010 - LCP Chemicals Site Risk Assessments and Brine Pool

July 2009 - LCP Chemicals Site Brine Pool and Uplands Update
July 2009 - Questions & Answers - Health Risks and Brine Pool

July 2009 - Superfund Site Update, LCP Chemicals Superfund Site
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Brunswick Wood Preserving Superfund Site

January 2016 - EPA Releases the Explanation of Significant Difference Report for the Brunswick Wood Preserving Site
Health Consultation - Burnett Creek Seafood - August 2014

October 2013 - Contaminated Groundwater Spreads
     - Comments to the EPA - October 2013
     - Comments to EPA - September 2014
     - Comments - Site 5-Year Review - November 2012

     - Comments - Record of Decision for Burnett Creek - November 2012
     - Comments - Ecological Risk Assessment - November 2012
GEC Objection to the Record of Decision for Burnett Creek - October 2012
GEC Comments- Proposed Plan for Burnett Creek - September 2012
September 2012 - Groundwater and Burnett Creek Cleanup
February 2010 - Upland Remedy: Review of Work to Date
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Terry Creek Dredge Spoil Areas/Hercules Outfall Site

     - Complaint to the EPA Office of Inspector General - August 2, 2016
July 2015 – Terry Creek Outfall Ditch Proposed Plan Review
     - Comments on the Proposed Plan: September 2015   Technical Adviser and   GEC
June 24, 2015 - Terry Creek Outfall Ditch Proposed Plan Released by EPA
March 2014 - Terry Creek Investigation & Cleanup Options
      - Comments to EPA - March 2014
May 2013 - Terry Creek Site Investigation
May 2013 - Terry Creek Comments
Questions & Answers - Human Health Risks - July 2009
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Hercules 009 Landfill Superfund Site

Altama Elementary School - More Factual and Scientific Inaccuracies from the EPA - EPA Refuses to Test School, February 2008
EPA's January 29, 2008, Presentation and GEC Comments
More articles here

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